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Welcome to Cat Pet Tv, a channel dedicated to cute, fluffy cats and curious, We are here to fill your life with more furry and funny things the adorable friends in our lives do. We Have funny cat Compilation of the funniest home videos of cats, hilarious and adorable.

Fun Cat Facts
Check out these fun cat facts for teenagers. find out about cats as pets, their distinctive behavior, however long they sleep and far additional.

Read on and luxuriate in the big selection of attention-grabbing facts regarding cats and kittens.

Cats square measure one in all, if not the foremost, standard pet within the world.

There square measure over five hundred million domestic cats within the world.

Cats and humans are associated for nearly ten thousand years.

Cats conserve energy by sleeping for a median of thirteen to14 hours daily.

Cats have versatile bodies and teeth custom-made for searching little animals reminiscent of mice and rats.

A group of cats is termed a animal group, a male cat is termed a tom, a feminine cat known as|is named|is termed} a poeciliid fish or queen whereas young cats square measure called kittens.

Domestic cats typically weigh around four kilograms (8 pound thirteen oz) to five kilograms (11 pound zero oz).

The heaviest house cat on record is twenty one.297 kilograms (46 pound fifteen.2 oz).

Cats is deadly hunters and extremely sneaky, once they walk their back paws step nearly specifically within the same place because the front paws did beforehand, this keeps noise to a minimum and limits visible tracks.

Cats have powerful night-sight, permitting them to visualize at lightweight levels sixfold under what a personality’s desires so as to visualize.

Cats even have wonderful hearing and a robust sense of smell.

Older cats will occasionally act sharply towards kittens.

Domestic cats like to play, this can be very true with kittens United Nations agency like to chase toys and play fight. Play fighting among kittens is also some way for them to follow and learn skills for searching and fighting.

On average cats live for around twelve to fifteen years.

Cats pay an oversized quantity of your time licking their coats to stay them clean.

Feral cats square measure typically seen as pests and threats to native animals.

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