Cute ginger cat Grover wants to catch a chipmunk


Sometimes, walking a cat doesn’t burn any calories. Grover sat at the base of this tree for 20+ minutes looking at the chipmunks. A sudden unexpected visit from a neighbor’s dog ends the “hunt” and sent Grover up the tree for safety! Karmic justice!

I wish I had recorded Grover in the tree, but the dog startled me too, and I needed both hands to maintain control of the situation. No harm done to any animal in this video!

Welcome to my channel! Grover is a 6-yr old orange tabby who loves to go for walks on his leash! Watch as he explores his environment and encounters various bugs and birds, munches on grass, marks his territory, visits his favorite spots, and generally acts like a cat. Sometimes he is visited by his feline neighbor, Dixie!



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