Cute Bengal Cat Climbing Stars! So Cute! (Looks like a Hopping Bunny!) – Bengal Cat Icy



Music: (royalty free Creative Commons License)

In this video, Icy demonstrates how she hops up and down the stairs like a bunny!

Keep checking back for new step-by-step guides on 3D printing, lots of awesome tips and tricks for cats like: paw, high-five, fetch, harness/leash training, to keep up with my adventures with Icy!
My Bengal cat is beyond adorable and even tinier than she is cute! She weighs only 12 lbs and is full-grown. My students call her a cheetah or panther and they’re not wrong to think so! She has a dog personality and follows me around everywhere. She loves everyone she meets and always wants to play (when she’s not sleepy!)

She’s a Brown Spotted Bengal. They’re the size of regular house cats, but look like wild cats. They like water, some will swim in a pool or bathe with you, they’ll take a shower with you, can be walked on a leash/harness, are incredibly intelligent, are very friendly, get along with people/cats/dogs, are often referred to as the Rolls-Royce of cats, are supposed to be able to recognize their name and do tricks, they have more of a chirping/bark sound than meowing and act like dogs, not like cats.


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