Meowaii – Merge Cute Cats – Cat feed

Let your worries melt away at Meowaii – lovely cat garden. Merge, go fishing, collect coin and adopt more cute furry creatures that soothe your soul.

Cat lover has turned into Cat collector then Meowaii addict as can’t help falling in love with these adorable feline furiends 🥰

❤️To get a new Cat:
Combine the two alike cats to create a new one. The evolution of your cats gives you better power to merge and adopt all these kawaii feline friends.

❤️Relaxing but frenzy moment with our furry creatures: Can’t imagine one day your house is full of lovely cats. It’s not a house but a cat paradise!

Enjoy watching your cute cats evolution every day and discovering the touching story of Mei the Cat Lady.
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▶️Instagram: @meowaii.xbeangame/
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Brought to you by XBean Game studio
Song by Adam Vitovsky:


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