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Abyssinian cat lying in the sun (relaxation video) is the topic of today’s CUTE CAT CLEO episode, starring brother Lionel. Stressed out? Anxious? Then this is the perfect relaxation video for you to watch! All you have to do is see this beautiful golden Abyssinian cat lying in the sun and you will likely feel just as calm and relaxed as he does.

Seriously, what could be more relaxing than watching a cat lying in the sun? And of course, Abyssinian cats are just like every other kind of cat. They LOVE lying in the sun. They love to practice rest and relaxation ALL THE TIME. It is their favourite thing to do!

In case you didn’t know, the world belongs to Abyssinian cat Cute Cat Cleo and she intends to keep it that way. Abyssinian is one of the best cat breeds for families because these cats are so sweet and friendly. They are also some of the smartest cats. Abyssinian cats are some of the most dog like cats of all the breeds as well. They walk on leashes if trained properly, they love being with their humans and they are super, super cute, with beautiful colours of fur – gold, silver, orange, etc. and they have beautiful golden or green eyes. They are gorgeous, some of the cutest animals ever!

Want to see more of Cute Cat Cleo and follow her adventures? If you do, you’ll see that she is a very smart cat. She has a brother Lionel – he is also an Abyssinian cat – and she often visits with her cousins the dogs – a red poodle Teddy and a white maltese Wolfie Junior. She will tell you, cats are smarter than dogs, and dogs and cats don’t always get along!

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