Cinnia A No Show Again, Two Cute Kittens, Kitty Cat, Unknown Insect, and RedTailed Hawks


Fluffy came off the fence to greet us in her and Cinnia’s area. Once again we did not see Cinnia today. Jay gave Fluffy treats before putting food down for her.

Freddie and Growler greeted us before we reached Growler’s area. As I went to replenish the water, I spotted the black kitten and then saw the orange tabby kitten, before they scurried off. So darn cute. Jay put most of the food that was left on the plate that Freddie and Growler would eat from, and they made short order of it. I asked Jay to put the remainder of the food down, and it was almost gone by the time we left to continue on our way to the park.

Kitty Cat was waiting for us at the park and I quickly got his food down and did a short video. I then refilled my completely drained water bottle, and put my cooler collar around my neck. It is this nifty cloth piece, that has some kind of water absorbing material inside of it. You soak it for 20 minutes and then put it around your neck to help cool you down. I also dampened my handkerchief so that I could wipe my face, hands and forearms to cool them down. It is going to be a hot one with the morning starting in the low 70s.

Jay was busy doing a short video of the RedTailed Hawk that was on the gazebo. He was doing the video from the front area of the park. So glad he did that, because when we reached the back of the park, the hawk was not on the gazebo. He scanned the hillside and saw it fly to a tree where we normally don’t see it, and when he got the camera zoomed on the tree, was unable to see it on the small screen. Viewing that video on our larger computer monitor, we were able to see that the hawk was indeed in the tree. We have both have this happened to us.

Before we left the park, Jay saw an interesting insect, that had a long body like a dragonfly, but wasn’t a dragonfly. I decided to include the video in our walk video, because this is what we do, we do videos of things that catch our interest. We have not yet researched what kind of insect it was, so if any of you know, please leave us a comment.

Back at home, post breakfast, we were outside getting our plants and flowers watered before the full heat of the day. Jay spotted a RedTailed Hawk soaring over our neighborhood. I watched it for a few moments and went for the camera. I managed to get part of its flight on video.



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